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Wat Phu on Laos’ Lingaparvata

Little do Indians know how glorious the emperors and sages of India were before the Mughal era. It appears today that India’s history seems to start only from the Mughal era forward, but to believe that would be grossly incomplete. If Buddha was born in India, how come there are Buddhists as far as Japan? How come there is an Angkor Wat in Cambodia many thousands of miles away? How did Balinese people learn about Ramayana and why do they still have annual Ramayana performances, to this day? How come Indonesia’s Navy slogan is “Jalasyeva Jayamahe” (Sanskrit)? How come there is a mountain called Lingaparvata in Laos, on which there is a Shiva temple called Wat Phu? India’s glory and Sanatana Dharma is spread far and wide by many great souls that are born time and again for the mere reason of spreading dharma to the world.

Whenever there is a decline in righteousness and a predominance of unrighteousness in this world, I manifest myself, O descendent of Bharata!

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