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Today’s story is about one of the principal deities of Sindh – Jhulelal, who was born to liberate the Sindhi people from the tyrannical rule of an Islamic fanatic ruler called Mirkshah.

The abundance of water from these perenial rivers often brought foreign invaders to Sindh. One such ruler was Mirkshah. Mirkshah gave the people of Sindh forty days to embrace Islam or die. The people prayed to Lord Varuna – the god of the river – to deliver them from their miseries. On the fortieth day, their prayers were answered and Lord Varuna spoke through a voice from heaven, “Fear not, I shall save you from the wicked Mirkshah. I shall come down as a mortal and take birth in the womb of Mata Devki in the house of Ratanchand Lohano of Nasarpur.” The oppressed Hindus now eagerly awaited the birth of their deliverer.

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