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Milarepa – The student who forged his teacher’s signature

In this blog, until now we have seen stories of valiant kshatriyas, learned brahmanas, devoted bhaktas and ardent patriots, from various parts of India. This post is about a Buddhist monk from Tibet which also a part of the Akhanda Bharath. Sanatana dharma instills righteousness in all facets of life, irrespective of whether a person’s predilections are towards karma yoga, jnana yoga, bhakti yoga or any other path. Every person is allowed to follow a path most suited to him and he can still reach the ultimate destination. Some people know their propensity right from a very young age. For example, Khudiram Bose knew he had to fight for the freedom of India since he was 3 years old and that was the way he fulfilled his karma. Meerabai knew that Krishna was her beloved husband since the tender age of 5 and she spent the rest of her life serving him and singing his glories. Some other people try out several things before they ultimately discover their true propensities. Sometimes people need to fulfil the actions of their past karma, before the destination begins to reveal itself. For one such person called Milarepa, he had to switch through 3 different gurus, before he could attain his Nirvana. Despite the fact that he made mistakes in his life and got carried away by Maya, one cannot deny the fact that he was a great yogi and tantric in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition.

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