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The Last Kashmiri Savant?

Today the name Kashmir invokes images of violence and terror in our minds. It brings back memories of the horrific genocide perpetrated on Kashmiri pandits, reminding us, sadly, of brutal extremists in its midst. Even though Kashmir today epitomizes chaos, this is not what the real Kashmir –the land of sage Kashyapa – originally stood for.

Kashmir ranks amongst the most beautiful and pristine lands in all of India, reverberating with the sacred sounds from the Himalayas. The real Kashmir is the residence of Ma Sharada Devi – (recall the verse “namaste Sharada devi kAshmirapuravAsini”. Sri Adi Sankara after his visit to Kashmir, set up the Sharada Peeth here). Kashmir is the also land of the accomplished Kashmiri pandits – who Monier Willams described as being the ‘finest representatives of the Aryan race’ – and it is also the land which gave us the supreme philosophy of Kashmiri Shaivism.

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